Established in 2010, TRUSTSEAL is proud to be the pioneer in supplying sealing equipment, accessories and supporting industries in Vietnam. Currently, TRUSTSEAL has affirmed its position in the market and is known by customers as one of the leading suppliers in this field.

With production lines and machinery imported from countries with advanced industries: Japan, USA, China, India... TRUSTSEAL's products are manufactured using high quality materials and technology. state-of-the-art manufacturing, ensuring that it meets or exceeds industry standards for durability, reliability, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof and performance features. TRUSTSEAL's products always ensure stable quality and are certified by leading inspection companies such as SGS, TUV, VFA..

As a pioneer and leading unit in the field of sealing equipment manufacturing, lun factory is operated and managed according to ISO 9001: 2008. A team of engineers, technical experts and modern factory system is located in in the Industrial Park, with more than 150 skilled workers. We are confident with our available resources and excellent service quality that makes TRUSTSEAL always a reliable partner for large companies and corporations: Samsung Vietnam, TotalEnegies Vietnam, Petrolimex, Shopee…. As one of the first companies to export these products to countries: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia...

Faced with the opportunities and challenges of the integrated economy, the leadership of TRUSTSEAL understands that it is necessary to always improve, modernize, constantly learn and reinvest to stay firmly on the next step. It also contributes a small part to help Vietnam's supporting industry develop more and more, spreading to many parts of the world

We look forward to the opportunity to cooperate and be pleased to serve you!