Keo ron cho nắp thùng tròn

Keo ron cho nắp thùng tròn


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Physical and chemical properties


Form                liquid

Colour               pink - white

Odour              slight ammonia

pH                  9 - 11

Boiling point/boilingrange    100 °C ( 212.00 °F) Water

Melting point/range          0 °C ( 32 °F) Water

Flash point                 Noncombustible

Lower explosion limit        not applicable

Upper explosion limit        not applicable

Vapour pressure            17.0 mmHg at 20 °C (68.00 °F) Water

Relative vapour density      <1.0Water

Water solubility             Dilutable

Relative density             1.1-1.2

Viscosity, dynamic           800-1600cps

Evaporation rate            <1.00 Water

Solid content               30±2%


NOTE: The physical data presented above are typical values and should not be construed as a specification.