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  • 25/10/2023

Drum seals, also known as drum shields, are an important component in ensuring drum tightness and drum safety. Drums are often used to store and transport liquids, chemicals, oils or other products.

Drum seals are designed to discreetly and liberally seal drums or chemicals that escape from the drum or come into contact with the outside environment.

Drum seals are often made from materials such as rubber, silicone, polyurethane, PVC, or other materials, depending on the specific application and technical requirements. We can have a variety of designs to suit specific crates and uses. Tank seals may have additional features such as safety valves to reduce pressure applied in the tank in necessary situations.

The main purpose of drum seals is to ensure the safety and tightness of the contents inside the drum, prevent rust and protect the environment from infectious contamination. We have expertise in the field of barrel sealing. Therefore, choosing Trustseal company will give you peace of mind.

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